March 1979 - August 1979: Elena says goodbye to Rachel. Rachel, Michael, and Brian. June's intro scene. Jeff's reintro scene. Rachel meets Frank. Iris learns of Mac and Janice. Ada puts Rose to work.

September 1979 - July 1980: Ada and Charley's wedding day. Rachel and Gwen. Rachel and Scott. Ada and Charley wonder about Kit.

July 1980 - December 1981: Miranda advises Kit. Russ and Tracey discuss custody of Matthew. Blaine and Jamie rehash the past. Lengthy Christmas extracts. Rachel in prison. Joey and Blaine share a tender moment. Cecile wonders about Sandy Alexander. Sandy bares his soul to Blaine. Steve hires Pete.

December 1981 - January 1983: Cecile and Sandy happy, then unhappy. Brooks and Louise kiss and make up. Jamie begins to regret writing his novel. Sandy and Cecile argue about Maggie. Susan says goodbye. Diana and Pete don't hit it off. Mac takes comfort in Elena. Steve woos Alice. Cecile plots against Blaine. Sally disapproves of Mac and Alice.

April 1983 - May 1984: Bay City learns Rachel has regained her sight. One of Richard Bekins' last scenes, if not the last. Original Thom. Mark grills Cecile about Alma's murder. Julia's secret career. Jeanne on her deathbed. Felicia enjoys Peter's company. Abel is grilled by the police. Wally's precursor, Ms. Devon. Sally realizes David isn't all that. Sally leaves David at the altar. 20+ minutes from the 20th anniversary festivities.

May 1984 - November 1984: Lengthy extracts from the "flapper" episodes. Bay City reels from Julia's death. Heart-breaking turning point for Mac and Ada. Possibly the first Donna/Michael teen flashback. Sally shoots Catlin. Cecile meets Kathleen. Lengthy Majorca extracts. Cecile's royal send-off. Mark wakes up with a stunning revelation. Marley finds romance with Ben.

December 1984 - April 1985: Carl poisons Sandy. Cass as Kystle. Vince and Donna share a special moment. Lengthy Christmas extracts. Carl traps Mac in the KBAY studio. Lily has a confession for Grant. Marley meets Jake. Catlin and Sally's wedding rehearsal and wedding. Dinner and dancing for Felicia and Wally. Bridget when she was evil.

April 1985 - November 1985: Vicky and Jake plot to take over Marley's life. Felicia visits Liberace. Various Le Soleil parties. Kathleen gets a new admirer. Clarice has had it with Larry. Donna tells both twins she's their mother. Thom gives birth. Carl returns. Marley explores Vicky's house in Lassiter. Felicia and Zane's first night of passion. The Le Soleil woman is revealed. Carl in Egypt. Arizona location scenes.

November 1985 - May 1986: Felicia and Edward explore their feelings. Donna fakes a heart attack to stop Marley's wedding. Felicia and Zane dance the tango. Lengthy Christmas extracts. Vicky and Jake face death. Zane is shot. Ada/Nancy knock-down drag-out has serious consequences. Kathleen's paralysis. Cass disappears at the altar. The "killer app" for this tape is definitely the long (3+ minutes), ultimate Jake/Vicky "Sell My Soul" music montage.

May 1986 - September 1986: Donna's public confession of motherhood. Michael and Donna tell each other what really happened 20 years ago. The early days of Cass's kidnapping. Maisie says goodbye to Smiley's. Brittany threatens Sally, who dies. Brittany gives birth. Michael serenades Donna. Zane dies. Donna sees her father. Cecile meets friends, old and new. Scott meets Cheryl. Meet Jake's mother. Cass/Kathleen scenes from my private stock.

September 1986 - December 1986: The end of the Silver Age as Jake/Marley, Cass/Kathleen, and Michael/Donna marry. Reginald rules! Peter's shooting and Brittany's trial. Michael goes berserk. Reginald stabs himself in the back. Cass says goodbye to Felicia. Nicole sings.

December 1986 - June 1987: The Sin Stalker strikes! The Stalker murders Maisie, Quinn, and Greg, and attacks Felicia, Donna, Jamie, and Lisa. The return of John Hudson, who gets thrown off a lighthouse and goes blind. Vintage Jamie and Lisa, pre-Vicky. Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris sing the theme song, and others, at TOPS. Michael rescues Donna from the castle.

June 1987 - November 1987: The return of Cass, minus Kathleen. Adam finds out about M.J.'s prostitute past. Classic, rare Anne Heche (Vicky) - who is this chubby teenager anyway? The Donna/Michael/John triangle explodes! Vicky's car crash, coma, and out-of-body experience. Michael finds out about Donna and John.

November 1987 - March 1988: Cass vs. his evil double, Rex Allingham. Great outdoor sequences. Cass and Nicole's deadly almost-wedding. Mitch & Felicia. Gloria Loring sings at TOPS. Vicky sets her sights on Jamie. Reginald Love goes insane, then dies. Cass and Nicole get stranded on a desert isle. Wally's funeral. Dawn gets AIDS. Michael gets shot. Donna miscarries. Sam in New York. Jason and Mary in the Frame farm explosion. Wedding: Sam and Amanda. [T-160]

April 1988 - October 1988: Cory Publishing take-over attempt. The return of Jake & Marley. Vicky seduces Jamie. Cass/Nicole ghost story. Rare John & Sharlene. Great Fourth of July musical segment. Adam & Lisa. Matt & Josie. Sam's car crash, coma, blindness, out-of-body experience, and pseudodeath. Intro: Jake, Courtney, Ronnie, Josie, Sharlene, Caroline, Evan, Vivien. Exit: Adam, Scott, Cheryl. Wedding: Vince and Mary, Michael and Donna.

October 1988 - February 1989: A Valentine to Singles extracts (8%). The burning of Mary's Place. Great segments for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Great Sam and Evan fistfight. Jason at his scummiest. Matthew learns the circumstances of his birth. Intro: Iris, Reuben, Stacey, Derek, Donna. Exit: Vince, Mary, Lisa, Donna. Wedding: Mitch and Felicia, Jamie and Vicky.

February 1989 - July 1989: Another World's 25th anniversary! Derek & Stacey heat up. The unforgettable murder of Jason Frame. Cass & Kathleen reunited. First Jake and Jamie fistfight. Amazing very first scene of Frankie. Birth of Steven. Felicia on trial. Death and funeral of Mac. Intro: Russ, Frankie, Olivia, Lucas. Exit: Jason, Julie Ann, Mac. Visit: Steve, Alice, Pat, Janice, Gwen, Robert, Dennis, Nancy, Kathleen, Clarice, Larry, Adam.

July 1989 - March 1990: The Mitch/Felicia/Lucas triangle. The Red Swan mystery. Classic Cass & Frankie. Sharlene shaves off John's beard. Sam/Amanda/Evan triangle. Nicole goes nuts. Stupendous return of Cecile. Over 20 cast members sing two Christmas carols. Sharly emerges. Amanda sleeps with Evan. Donna sleeps with Jake. Michael gets shot. Reuben's dream. Jamie/Vicky/Evan mini-triangle. Intro: Ken, Paulina, Jamie, Grant. Exit: Nicole, Russ, Jamie. Visit: Cecile.

March 1990 - October 1990: Paulina insinuates herself into the Cory clan. Jamie & Marley frolic in Nice, France. John/Sharlene/Sharly/Grant triangle. Sam goes nuts. Ken & Rachel. Meet Emma, Frankie's mother. Classic Vicky and Donna clash. Matt/Josie/Lucas/Iris mini-triangle. Jamie and Evan fistfight. Kidnaping of Frankie. False wedding of Cass & Frankie. Priceless, vintage, and sensational Vicky & Ryan. Jake seduces Paulina, rankles Jamie, double-crosses Iris, threatens Donna, and hoodwinks Marley. Mikey custody battle. Derek & Stacey's good-bye. Intro: Ryan, Sam. Exit: Zack, Sam, Derek, Courtney, Mitch. Wedding: Cass and Frankie.

October 1990 - February 1991: Jake's shooting, coma, out-of-body experience, and dream. Marley's rape and trial. First meeting of Dean & Jenna. Return of Kathleen. Felicia visits Mitch in Africa. Evan's downfall. Amanda and Lucas grow close. Rachel learns Ken's secret. Sam/Amanda/Olivia triangle. Donna jailed. Intro: Dean, Jenna, Kathleen. Exit: Evan, Reuben, Josie. Visit: Mitch.

February 1991 - June 1991: Full-throttle Cass/Frankie /Kathleen triangle. Return of Carl Hutchins. The Great McKinnon Reunion. Dean/Jenna/Matt triangle heats up. Michael & Stacey pairing. Birth of Gregory. Almost-wedding of Cass & Frankie. "Death" of Taylor Benson. Ryan gets shot. Exit: Ronnie, Sam, Caroline. Visit: Vince, Mary, M.J.

June 1991 - October 1991: Bittersweet farewell of Anne Heche, with music montages for both Vicky and Marley. Carl shoots Grant. Dean's Ladykiller video. Frankie's death, trip to Heaven, and resurrection. Cameo by Ronnie Milsap. Great Fourth of July musical segment. Lorna and her mentor, Carl. Intro: Lorna, Vicky, Sam, Paulina, Hannah, Spencer, Dennis, Grant. Exit: Vicky, Paulina, Stacey, Grant. Weddings: Felicia and Lucas, Jake and Paulina.

October 1991 - February 1992: The downfall of Carl Hutchins. The presumed death of Sharlene. Michael & Rachel pairing. Dean & Jenna in New York. Cass/John/Frankie triangle. Grant meddles with Jake & Paulina and Vicky & Ryan. Jamie & Marley go kablooey! Great Jake & Paulina. Kevin reveals his secret. Intro: Kevin. Exit: Carl, Kathleen, Michael. Wedding: Sam and Amanda.

February 1992 - June 1992: The Case of the Stolen Heart extracts (15%). Donna and John's forbidden passion. Vicky succumbs to Grant. Olivia's pregnancy. Donna and Cass's stolen kiss. The return of Carl. Dennis & Marley. Felicia finds her daughter. Cass & Frankie and Jake & Paulina reunite. Vicky & Ryan self-destruct. The unparalleled excitement of Dean's concert: Jake and Jamie scrap, Ryan and Carl face-off. Intro: Kelsey, Carl.

June 1992 - November 1992: Summer Desire extracts (15%). Shooting and death of Lucas. The explosion and its aftermath. Felicia and Lorna, and Ryan and Carl bond. Jake and Jamie go to war. Sam sings. Jamie seduces Kelsey and she charges him with discrimination. The Ryan/Vicky/Grant triangle. Kevin searches out Lucas's killer and fends off Lorna's advances. Marley & Dennis, Jake & Paulina. Intro: Christy. Exit: Carl, Lucas, Liz. Visit: Carl.

November 1992 - April 1993: The Ryan/Vicky/Grant triangle heats up! Vicky & Grant's honeymoon in Banff. Matt and Donna grow close. Vicky & Ryan make love in the cave. Cory home movies. Paulina does Madonna. Christy plots to destroy Cass & Frankie. Felicia becomes an alcoholic and starts a fire. Jenna miscarries. Felicia's intervention. Ryan & Brett date. Intro: Brett. Exit: Ada, Hannah, Sam, Jamie. Wedding: Grant and Vicky. Visit: Russ, Carl, Michael, Lucas.

April 1993 - July 1993: The death and funeral of Ada. Christy cracks on the stand. Cass & Frankie get dragged to the altar. Cecile stops by for the honeymoon. Grant and Ryan duke it out. Ian searches for the three keys. Dean meets Maggie, Jenna grows fond of Dennis. Jake and Spencer plot to take over Cory Publishing. John & Kelsey and Matt & Brett grow close. Lorna & Kevin and Marley & Dennis call it quits. Donna and Iris have a food fight. Return to Canada, and the cave. Grant shoots then kidnaps Vicky. Intro: Ian, Maggie, Carl, Amanda. Exit: Christy, Amanda. Weddings: Cass and Frankie, Jake and Paulina (almost). Visit: Clarice, Nancy, Liz, Cecile, Sandy.

July 1993 - November 1993: Vicky & Ryan reunion, beach scenes. Lorna's rape. The Cory empire crumbles. Donna and Matt get hot for each other. Rachel and Carl grow close. Paulina and Ian in the jungle. Dean/Jenna/Maggie triangle. Kevin snaps. Lorna gets injured in the car-bombing. Brett bumps into Morgan. Blow-up at Jake & Paulina's almost-wedding. Intro: Morgan. Exit: Dennis, Kevin, Dean.

November 1993 - March 1994: Lorna's trial and the Kyle Barkley murder mystery. Carl does Santa. The mystery of Kate Baker. The unbelievable Rachel & Carl romance. The Winter Masquerade Ball. The birth of Charlie. Grant & Amanda go all the way. Josie tries to break free from her past. Intro: Sharlene, Josie, Tomas, Lorna. Exit: Lorna, Jenna. Visit: Dean, Jamie.

March 1994 - August 1994: Another World's 30th anniversary! Rachel boots Jake out of Cory Publishing. Matt & Donna declare their love. "Advice for Jake." Josie sets her sights on Ian. Rachel and Carl try to make it to the altar. Sharly emerges. Carl gets shot then gets amnesia. Iris and Carl "romance." Jake and Paulina in the wilderness: down the waterfall, on the bridge, off the cliff. Cass suffers from manic depression. Vicky grabs Kirk and runs. Sharlene returns to save John. Felicia butts head with Marshall. Intro: Marshall, Angela, Evan. Exit: Kelsey, Vicky. [T-160]

August 1994 - February 1995: Evan wreaks havoc. Tomas marries Angela. Iris goes on trial. Jake and Paulina marry. Vicky returns and pulls a baby switch. Amanda's car crash. Felicia's kidnapping and romance with Marshall. Cass in drag. Ryan flirts with Lorna. Grant has an affair with Lorna. Cass and Felicia build a bookstore. Jake gets in a serious jam. Intro: Vicky. Exit: Iris, Brett, and Spencer. Weddings: Tomas and Angela, Jake and Paulina, Grant and Amanda. [T-160]

February 1995 - June 1995: The burning of the Harrison Mansion. Grant gets his! Jake's presumed death. Vicky's trial. Justine comes to town: kidnaps and replaces Rachel, poisons Lorna, and gives Spencer a stroke. Morgan sings. Paulina hires Joe. Michael comes back to town with a son. Josie joins the force and meets Gary. Intro: Joe, Nick, Gary, Maggie, Nick, Jake. Exit: Jake, Maggie, Angela, Nick. Wedding: John and Sharlene. [T-160]

July 1995 - December 1995: Justine goes berserk. Vicky walled up. Grant shoots Ryan. Heart-breaking death of Ryan. Josie and Gary steam up the screen. John and Felicia kindle a spark. Teen angst with Maggie, Tomas, and Nick. Carl flirts with his dark side. Jake crashes Paulina and Joe's wedding. Jake and Joe vie for Paulina. Matthew worries about Donna and Michael. Jake and Vicky smooch. Intro: Gabe, Sofia, Rita. Exit: Ryan. Visit: Spencer, Cecile. [T-160]

December 1995 - April 1996: Cecile kidnaps Maggie, and Maggie fakes her death. Matt walks out on Donna. John and Felicia give in to their passion. Vicky schemes to bring down Grant. The death of Bridget. "Operation Hombre" extracts. Donna and Matt daydreams. Morgan vs. Andrew on the hospital roof. Nick and Sofia tiptoe around Joe. John gets malaria. Maggie bonds with Cass, drives Frankie berserk. (There is a surprise ending.) Visit: Spencer. Wedding: Joe and Paulina. [T-160]

April 1996 - August 1996: Grant resumes his reign of terror. Murder mystery. Rachel and company deliver Dante. Blair shoots Josie. Morgan's girlfriend takes a dive. Michael beds Sharlene, then scuffles with John. Nick follows in his father's footsteps with Maggie. Donna cracks then fries. John and Felicia in the future, and in the 1970s. Vicky returns and does the unrequited love thing with Jake. Gabe and Lorna do the romance thing. Josie and Gary do the cop thing. Rafael lurks. Sofia's car crash. Nick and Maggie's shotgun wedding. Cecile swings into seduction mode, and she and Frankie duke it out. The unmentionable. Exit: Bridget. Visit: Spencer. [T-160]

September 1996 - December 1996: The Return of the White Knight. Nick dumps Maggie. Sharlene gets shot at Gary and Josie's wedding. Vicky, Jake, Bobby. Bobby/Jake/Vicky. Jake and Vicky and Bobby. Three Vicky + montages. Matt and Sofia grow close. Donna pursues Michael. Grant goads Carl at the train depot. Rachel and Carl reach an impasse. John proposes to Felicia. Cory and Hudson Thanksgiving. Visit: Ryan. Exit: Maggie.

December 1996 - May 1997: One soul, love without end, Vicky and Ryan reunited in a little bit of Heaven. Fire and fight at the Harbor Club. Gabe gunned down in Center Street. Grant investigated for the truck bombing. Joe goes undercover. Intro: Amanda, Alli, Nick. Exit: Nick, Lorna, Gabe. Wedding: Grant and Cindy. [T-160]

June 1997 - December 1997: Jake and Vicky get together. Paulina runs down Kirkland. Toni's rape and Nick's trial. Alexander goes after Carl. Paulina on drugs. Felicia dumps John. Jake and Vicky in NYC. Lila and Amanda vie for Shane. Amanda and Matt plot to break up Carl and Rachel. Intro: Matthew. Wedding: Gary and Josie, Jake and Vicky. Exit: John, Sharlene. [T-160]

December 1997 - May 1998: Shane's presumed dying and true death. Alexander's final gambit. Lila's last ploy for Shane. Two funerals and a video will. Jake/Vicky's trial. Am meets Cam. Cass fixates on Lila. Sofia dumps Nick for Matt. The last location sequence. The end of Carl. Three goodbye montages. [T-160]

June 1998 - December 1998: Mad Marley. Scott. Cass/Lila. Nick meets Remy. Lila makes mincemeat out of Sofia. Cindy runs down Vicky. Felicia and Cass disrupt Lila's wedding. Boca Lynda "excitement." Marley and Jake discuss the rape. Donna's guilt reaches its bursting point. The Lumina Ball. Sofia runs away. Marley kidnaps Vicky. Wedding: Matt and Lila. [T-160]

December 1998 - May 1999: Vicky's captivity and rescue. Marley's trial, rehabilitation, cheese, and soap. Cass and Matt vie for Lila's affections. Alli throws a monkey wrench into Amanda and Cameron's wedding plans. Dark Frankie. The short life of Gary Jr. Grant's murder mystery. Paulina sacrifices herself. Two funerals and a trial. As little Lumina as possible. One month's worth of "Tomorrow on AW." Special ending. Visit: Bridget, Spencer, Sharlene. [T-160]