Another World Video Library

February 1989 - July 1989 Highlights

Best of Friends, Worst of Enemies

Intro Scene:
Frankie Frame

Sam rides to the rescue

Cass and Frankie hang out

Bad guy played by James Kiberd (AMC)

Sam gets wet

Sam gets his reward from Amanda

Evan shot

John and Sharlene down on the farm

John and Sharlene make a wish

The death of Felicia's stepfather, Noah Grady

Iris breaks her Daddy's heart

Derek redefines intensity

The death of Douglass Watson

Lotsa 25th anniversary celebrations

The son of
Janice Frame

Cass is visited by....

His dead wife Kathleen

Cass in agony

The best AW commercials

Fun on the farm with Frankie and John

Sharlene tries a new do

From the letter Mac wrote to Rachel....

... the night before he died

Frankie and her best bud, Reuben

At home and at play with Jake

The artist formerly known as Sam

Sam trashes his studio

Who So Loves Believes the Impossible

Donna slaps Jake

And Jake slaps her right back

The Dancing Couples AW commercial

Quite possibly the hottest AW commercial...