Another World Video Library

July 1993 - November 1993 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Ryan and Frankie: The dearly
departed duo

Ian is out for
Celtic blood

Paulina and her jailbird lover Ian

Jake vs. Matt:
The early years

Jake really wants that
shirt of Ian's

Lorna's rape divides
Bay City

Miscellaneous Highlights

Paulina leaves Jake
at the altar

Jake knows how to make an entrance

Maggie, torn between Rachel and Dean

Ryan and
his two dads

The mystery of
the three keys

Kevin kisses up
to Carl

Bridget prefers younger men...

... like Ryan

Take a trip to
the beach with
Ryan and Vicky

If a tree falls on Paulina, does
it make a sound?

Felicia tries to knock some sense into Carl

A ring in a
piece of pie

John and Kelsey elope

... and spend their honeymoon wallpapering the farm

D&M's swan swong

John whisks Paulina away, but she clamors for Carl

Rachel vs. Jake.
Place your bets

Ryan goes ga-ga when he hears he's going to be a da-da

Morgan meets a martian

Lorna likes her margaritas on the rocks, no salt

Jake and Amanda, strictly business partners

Donna gets her fillings cleaned
by Matthew

Jake wants to bleed the Cory family dry

Donna takes a nap in the middle of
TOPS restaurant