Another World Video Library

October 1988 - February 1989 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Sharlene and John in their 1st joint FF

Mitch and Jason fight in the Frame kitchen

Sam has just shouted at Sharlene and Matt

Matt and Josie decide to have sex

Donna and Vicky in a happy moment

Mitch and Jamie party at the Pelican

Amanda and Sam, the beginning of the end

The 1st Winter Ball

The return of Iris Wheeler

Miscellaneous Highlights

Intro Scene:
Carmen Duncan (Iris)

Mitch and Felicia

Michael and Donna adopt Mikey

Sam beats Jason to a bloody pulp

John's Vietnam nightmares

Sharlene's love helps John with his PTSD

Lisa and John were close friends

Hot AW Commercial:
Jamie's proposal

"What a Wonderful World" montage

Flashback: lovers Michael and Iris

Matt blasts his folks when he learns how he was conceived

... And Mitch gets
the angriest he's
ever been

John dances with
his cane

The Fall of
Sam Fowler

Felicia tells Cass about her daughter being born dead

John breaking the 4th wall, or just talking
to the mirror?

Iris makes a grand entrance

Felicia, and her and Mitch's dog Daisy

Carolers visit the Cory mansion

Sam gets his
clock cleaned

New Year's celebrations

Mary's Place
burns down

Vicky's nightmare of Lisa and Jamie

Felicia isn't happy about turning 40

Vicky, Jake, Marley, and special effects

Sharlene interrupts Matt and Josie

Jake vs. Matthew:
The Beginning

Nicole, Bridget, and Vicky get ready for...

Vicky and Jamie

Jason crashes the wedding reception

Cass, John, Evan, and Matthew

First Kiss:
Matthew and Lisa

Vicky and Jake at their special
place, the swings in Lassiter

Josie, Courtney, Sharlene, Ada, Stacey, Liz, Iris, and Lisa

A Valentine to/for

Matthew, Reuben, Evan, Zack, Sidney, Cass, and John