Another World Video Library

December 1996 - May 1997 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

RIP Rhonda

Cindy leaves Lorna for dead
in the Harbor Club ladies room

"Jumpsuit" Jake wants Grant
to join him in a cell

Jake is devastated when
Vicky is presumed dead

Miscellaneous Highlights

Sharlene regains use of her legs at an opportune moment

Donna serenades her lovers

"God be with you, Gabe"

Rachel tells Carl she has a grub in the oven

Early Josie/Gary waterworks in the one and only Josie/Gary montage

Kirkland and Steven
try out a new look

Alli and Jake practice feeding each other wedding cake for their upcoming wedding

Jake conspires with Gary and Josie against Grant

Jake rebuffs Vicky

Jake shows Josie his
favorite wrestling hold

Joe and Paulina versus "here today gone tomorrow" Neil

Grant feels the back
of Carl's hand

Grant to Donna:
"Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

Seeing Jake lying helpless on the ground makes Shane want to rip his shirt off

Carl is all giggles when John tells him he's going to be the father of twins

Cindy would later get married mere feet from the spot
where Gabe was gunned down

A mother and son say goodbye

Carl (as Justine) to Grant:
"I'll be waiting for you in Hell, my son"

Joe fears for Paulina after yet another shoot-out on Center Street

And in fire shall they be reunited