Another World Video Library

May 1984 - November 1984 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Cecile hears Peter's
fortune slipping
through her fingers

The end of a
beloved veteran?

Cecile admires
Ross's shiny new knife

Miscellaneous Highlights

Intro Scene:
Marley Love

Henrietta catches Lily
in Roy's arms

Catlin would rather
celebrate his release
from jail with Sally

Cass and Carl conspire
against Cory

Catlin is caught between a
rock and a hard place
when Carl wants to
indulge his carnal
impulses with Donna

The Matthews'
mourn Julia

Intro Scene:
Kathleen McKinnon

Perry takes charge when
Sally turns into
a killing machine

Kathleen helps
Cass cool off

Majorca Madness!

Julia's last stand