Another World Video Library

December 1981 - January 1983 Highlights

Sally meets her Aussie
step-sister, Lady Di

Married Marianne
ducks and runs
when Rachel catches her
in Jamie's arms

Rachel and Mac are agog
when Amanda begins
plotting her take-over
of Cory Publishing

The last Matthews

Denny gets to indulge
his voyeuristic
tendencies when Melissa
accepts Jason's proposal

The destined-to-become
legendary Pat/Brian
origami scene

Cory wonders why
Clarice and Blaine are
talking about ghosts

Intro Scene:
Cass Winthrop

Liz loses a daughter,
and Julia a mother

Intro Scene:
Felicia Gallant

Steve wonders why Roy
has a bigger smile for
Henrietta than for him

Felicia meets hubby
Louis' attorney
Reuben Marino

Surely Rachel can't think it a proper Cory Christmas
with Steve taking Mac's role

Mistletoe Madness at the Matthews'

Rachel and Steve face death and despair in a broken building

Toastmaster General Mac does his duty during
Sandy and Cecile's elopement party

The Toastmaster General receives his own toast

Blaine has nightmares about an old friend

Reunion Scene: Cass and Felicia
Felicia to Cass: "Oh, nice teeth."