Another World Video Library

November 1985 - May 1986 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Vicky wants a quickie with Jake
before they die in the cave

Donna panics when Michael forces her
to tell the twins he's their father

Miscellaneous Highlights

Catlin succumbs
to Brittany

Cass grieves for Kathleen

Catlin is glad Brittany
is still a crack shot

Arizona aftermath

Felicia's choice

Felicia weds Zane,
the people's choice

Cass and Kathleen
defend against imaginary
water snakes

Cass hopes he's as lucky
with his redhead
as Mickey is with his

Old high school
buddies reunite

Only in her dreams:
Vicky weds Jake

Jake versus
Bad Guy in Forklift

Donna will have hell to
pay when Michael meets
Ralph, the faux-Michael