Another World Video Library

October 1991 - February 1992 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Marley and Jamie in happier times

Carl flips head over heels for Amanda

The Grant/Vicky/ Ryan triangle begins

The death of Sharlene

Carl goes face-down in the pumpkin patch

"I'll be back... Sooner than you think."

A candle in a window

Olivia puts one over on Amanda

Jake and Paulina get down and dirty

Jensen Buchanan in her dual role days

The Paulina/Grant/
Vicky triangle

Marley leaves Jamie at the altar

Cass is determined to win Frankie back

Paulina wonders
if Grant will
take her back

Liz butts in

Vicky and Jake plot to break up
Grant and Paulina

The Cass/Frankie/
John triangle

The sons of Ray McKinnon

First Kiss:
Frankie and John

Miscellaneous Highlights

First Kiss:
Sharlene and John
(from J&S montage)

Frankie and Ryan, more than friends?

A secret conclave is formed to deal with Carl Hutchins

... Wherein Jake proposes a
lethal solution

Cass watches some AWVL videos

Carl with Sandra Ferguson's parrot

Frankie flees when Carl vomits behind Ryan's desk

Devil Jake and Zorro Cass feature in
Carl's delusions

Jake actually spits
in Carl's face

Hot AW Commercial:

John strangles
Taylor Benson

John trashes the
living room

Kathleen meets
her cousin

Sharlene's memorial

Which John refuses to attend

Paulina and Jake
shouting match

Surprise party
for Marley

Olivia and Liz weren't long for this World

Michael and Rachel have a fling

Sam and Amanda

John cries for help

PIs Ryan and Frankie want the phone to ring

Jake/Kevin fight in Jake's boyhood home

John loses his heart and his soul

Jenna and Dean on the streets of New York

The most vicious Jake and Paulina fight ever took place in Paulina's car in the Cory garage

And left Paulina at death's door