Another World Video Library

March 1990 - October 1990 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Amanda and John worry about an injured Evan

Vicky and Jake wreak havoc wherever they roam

Marley and Michael speculate over Donna's shenanigans

Jake gets in the middle of Ken and Paulina's plans

Cass and Frankie get ready to say "I do"

Wonder why Vicky looks so happy...

Sharly and Grant smooch

Frankie, AKA the kidnapped bride

Jake gets defensive

Jake toasts his one true love

Ryan overhears Vicky make a deadly threat

Sibling rivalry with Paulina and Iris

Iris REALLY wanted to shoot Jake

Ryan and Vicky scream their lungs out

Jealous of Marley and Jake, Donna?

Evan pulls the wool over Amanda's eyes

Sam has no idea what Amanda's talking about

Sharly is just itching to break free from Johnny boy

Sam goes psycho. Cool!

Miscellaneous Highlights

Frankie shows off her new digs

Frankie gets a faceful of wedding cake

Rachel catches Cass and Frankie in the act

Remote sequences, nuff said

Funny and/or amazing end credits

Hot AW commercials

Remote sequences and flashbacks in one

Jamie, with Marley in a flesh-colored bathing suit

First Kiss:
Ken and Rachel

First Kiss:
Olivia and Jake