Another World Video Library

April 1983 - May 1984 Highlights

Freeze Frames

David wonders who
Sally's new friend Josh is

Miscellaneous Highlights

Mortal enemies
Cass and Felicia
trapped in an elevator

Jeanne lays into Clarice
for her sluttish behavior

Larry proves difficult when
Blaine wants to search
for their missing brother

Even Morgan Freeman
can't manage to make Larry
change his mind about Catlin

Lily coaches Roy on how
to propose to Henrietta

M.J. uses her psych
training to save Quinn
from Psycho with Knife

The wedding guests'
silent prayer for an exciting
development will be answered

The gals enjoy it
when Sandy drips
on Ada's floor

Julia and Sally:
The Good Die Young

Donna flips when she
learns Josh is really
Blaine's brother Catlin

While Peter is away,
Cecile plays with Cass
(and sprains her ankle)

It's easy to have a wedding
with all the trimmings
when the bride is a caterer

Sally likes to plan her weddings at restaurants

Old (Alice) meets New (Felicia) during the 20th Anniversary celebration,
enjoyed by all, except the dead guy in the parlor