Another World Video Library

November 1987 - March 1988 Highlights

Freeze Frames

New Year's greetings from the entire cast

Nicole wonders why her mother committed suicide

Sam and Jamie re-affirm their love in TOPS's elevator

Vicky sets her sights on Jamie

Michael: "The stable boy finally got it all, Reg. Live with that."

Sam and Amanda get married

Miscellaneous Highlights

Rex wants to murder his bride-to-be

Nicole wonders, "But which one is better in bed?"

Early Felicia and John

Rex meets his maker at the Powerhouse

In '87 Christmas was spent at the community center

Reginald bombs the Frame farm

RKK does his own stunts as Sam is hit by a car

EHL 57: The mystery of Elizabeth Love's watch

Michael battles Reginald as the Love mansion burns to the ground

Nicole and Cass enjoy themselves while stranded on a desert isle

Sam in the slammer on his wedding day

Until death do us part: Dawn and Scott's wedding vows

Donna takes a tumble down the stairs and miscarries

"Hudson, don't let me fall!" "Give me one reason, Reg."

Cass and Mitch go to bed together.

Matt Crane's intro scene

East meets West at Sam and Amanda's
joint bachelor party / bridal shower