Another World Video Library

February 1992 - July 1992 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Carl plants one on Vicky

Dennis and Marley:
Mostly sex

Jake and Paulina get kinky

Carl assists Jenna in not screaming

Carl vs. a
hirsute Ryan

Jake has Paulina in mind and on screen

Vicky counsels Jake to break up Paulina and Grant

Carl interrupts Frankie's web browsing. Booo!

The return of Carl

Grant has plans for Vicky and Ryan

Lorna up to her usual mischief

Dean throws a temper tantrum

Felicia applauds when Matt dumps Lorna

Donna and John rekindle an old flame

Jake and Paulina give in to their desires

Jake to Paulina:
"I'll fly!"

Guess who your father is, Ryan?

Miscellaneous Highlights

Bachelor of the Year:
Kevin, John, or Matt?

CSH extracts

John takes Donna bowling

Neato socko
end credits

Yep, that's Cass and Donna kissing

First Kiss:
Marley and Dennis

First Kiss:
Jamie and Kelsey

Frankie and Cass
get drenched

Vicky and Grant do the nasty!

Exit Scene: