Another World Video Library

November 1992 - April 1993 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Lorna and Kevin have some fun

Jake's won this
round with Rachel

Grant is shot by his own father

Tempers flare and egos clash at D&M

Christy makes enemies

Carl returns to
Bay City

Those Harrison men

Father and son

Wedding interruptus

Cass chokes Frankie? No, a premonition

Spencer and Jake team up to destroy the Cory family

Tragedy at the
Cory cabin with Felicia and Jenna

Miscellaneous Highlights

The moon and
the stars...

Jake gets shot,

Felicia tries to strangle Lucas's killer

Paulina does Madonna for Jake

Brett gets caught in the crossfire

One of the best
Xmas celebrations

More Corys than you can shake a stick at

First Kiss:
Donna and Matthew

Cory home movies

End credits or
family album?

Lorna and Felicia:
Prelude to an intervention

Michael visits for Vicky's wedding
to Grant

A particularly vicious Ryan/Jake fight

Vicky and Grant on their honeymoon

A kiss before dying

Cass hurts himself at Frankie's lamaze class

Vicky rushes into Grant's arms, and Ryan watches

Vicky, Donna, and Shortstop.
Who's cutest?

Matt and Ryan put the moves on Brett

Brett shows off her latest creation, the Daily Grind

Dean's baby dies

Felicia is visited by
the ghost of Lucas

Jake and Spencer play kissy-face

One Soul

Love Without End