Another World Video Library

April 1988 - October 1988 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Jason grabs a kiss from Mary

Vicky and Jamie on the kitchen table

Donna and Michael

The Return of Jake!

Bobby... Shane... I mean Sam goes blind

Sam takes a dive

Jamie, torn between Lisa and Vicky

Cass, and the Nora Diamond ghost story

Josie and Matt in their 1st joint FF

Mac in the slammer

Now who just insulted the Corys?

The incomparable Vicky and Jake!

Adam steals a kiss from Lisa

Sam gets a boo-boo

Mac and Rachel fuss over Amanda

A happy occasion at Cory Publishing

Miscellaneous Highlights

Hot AW Commercial:
Foreshadowing Jake's rape of Marley

Scott and Vicky:
Any relation?

Sam and Amanda music montage

Hot AW Commercial:
The Birth of Alli

Cass and Nicole
play dress-up

John kisses Cheryl,
in her fantasies

Hot AW Commercial:
Sam and Amanda do Dirty Dancing

Dawn and Scott
music montage

Vince and Mary

Matthew with both his grandmothers