Another World Video Library

March 1979 - August 1979 Highlights

Mac and Brian enjoy it
when Ted teases Iris

Rachel warns Iris
she can fight dirty too

Iris can't wait to interrupt
Mac and Janice

Clarice and Larry
discuss wedding plans
with Rachel

Marianne defends the
Randolph homestead
from realtors

Scott advises Alice
about wayward Sally

Rita warns Eileen off Joey
and his immoral sister

Quickie bits, like
Michael and Karen

Vince is shocked by what
he finds at Janice's place

Rachel, Mac, and Iris can't
concentrate with Amanda
giggling in the foreground

Janice bonds with
Amanda during
(original!) end credits

Dennis gives Cecile
their very first kiss

Iris reintroduces Jeff
to Bay City

Jamie would rather lay
into Dennis for two-timing
Elena with Cecile
than shake his hand

Brooks tells Janice
where she can go

Elena shows Rachel
the sculpture of hers
that Sally vandalised

Rachel gets acquainted
with would-be lover, Frank
Lansing, on the beach
bordering the estate

Brian throws Iris
out of Elena's home

Kirk to Iris and Janice:
"Perhaps you should
take turns"

Louise freaks when Fred
Ewing talks of burning the
topsoil of the Cory garden

Iris interrupts a
Jamie/Mac heart to heart

Amanda's 1st
birthday party

Rachel gives a tour of the
Cory estate in the e.c.