Another World Video Library

December 1986 - June 1987 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Chad Rollo arrives in Bay City

Scott and Cheryl fish Vince out of the ice

A gallery of serial killer suspects

Zack goes crazy when Quinn is killed

Miscellaneous Highlights

Mac and Rachel try to stop the fire that burns down the North Woods Inn

Jamie has fantasies about his mysterious dream girl

The Stalker murders Maisie

... And Quinn

Janine Turner flirts with Scott

Flashback to 1966:
John rapes Donna

Mary and Vince boogie down

Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris lip-sync the theme at TOPS

... Then sing a live version at the Daytime Emmys

Donna kicks El Gordo (the Fat Man) where it counts

Reginald, where he belongs

The Sin Stalker roams the Cory house

The Stalker wants to get his hands on Nancy

Scott forces Reginald to face the man in the mirror

John and Michael, face-to-face after 20 years

John takes a walk down memory lane

Brad Pitt pays homage to basketball star John Hudson

The secret blade in John's cane

John gets tossed around by the Stalker

The Stalker throws John off the lighthouse

John "dies" in Vietnam, and with his last breath,
passes his bloody dog tags to his brother Michael