Another World Video Library

June 1987 - November 1987 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Mitch and Felicia at TOPS

"I'm back, Wally, and Bay City's got me"

Peter shows Vicky his dirty photos

Astral Vicky beseeches Marley's aid

Miscellaneous Highlights

Jamie visits the Stalker in jail

Adam watches the tape of M.J. turning tricks

Rocco and Tony the Tuna visit Cass and Wally

The McKinnons mourn Kathleen

The Three Muskateers toast a fallen comrade-in-arms

Jamie watches as Vicky meets her uncle John

Amanda teaches Matthew how to dance

M.J. tells Mary she was a prostitute

Vince's reaction:

The McKinnon girls are delighted when Vince proposes to Mary

Sam gets to know Mandy, his fellow car-park attendant

Everyone wants to hear what Vicky has to say after her car crash

Rena Sofer (GH) cuts her teeth as Sam's girlfriend

"And this one's for 'Shorty'!"

Dawn, Ada, and Julie Ann sing a song for Scott

Amanda, about to get her first kiss from Sam

Amanda catches Sam with his pants down

Michael rails at Donna over her tryst with John

Dancing an Irish jig at Mary's Place

What Vicky saw through the porthole