Another World Video Library

October 1990 - February 1991 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Amanda kicks Evan out of her life

The John/Sharlene/
Grant triangle ends

Jamie and Marley

... From another perspective

The return of Kathleen McKinnon
(in disguise)

A freeze frame of a videotape.

Miscellaneous Highlights

Frankie introduces Cass to Dean

Bay City vs.
Jake McKinnon

The return of Mitch

Jake rapes Marley

Hot AW Commercial:
Jake's shooting

Jake's theme overlays this end crawl

First Kiss:
Sam and Olivia

Zombie Jake
terrorizes Marley

Josie and very close friend Reuben

Paulina toasts a Cory thanksgiving

Vicky to Grant:
"All right, we're
both sleazes"

Did Iris shoot Jake?

Or was it Frankie?

Vicky and Jake in
The Poker Game

Grant and Donna trapped in an elevator

Lucas helps Amanda with her alcoholism

A personal greeting from the actors

First Lovemaking:
Paulina and Grant

Sharlene returns after a lengthy absence

Intro Scene:
Jenna Norris

Except for Marley, this could be the elevator of the dead

Amanda makes little headway in getting Sam back

The Iris and Paulina cat fight

The so-called NBC daytime miniseries

Ken: I've created a monster, and her name is Paulina Cory

Rachel dumps on Ken, then dumps him

Michael is shattered to learn that Marley was raped by Jake

John fixes leg,
loses cane

The Taming of the Shrew

As seen in a Vicky/Ryan montage

First Meeting:
Ryan and Vicky
(from Vicky/Ryan montage)

Vicky throttles
a comatose Jake

First Kiss:
Frankie and Ryan