Another World Video Library

November 1993 - March 1994 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Lorna's rape trial

Lorna has revenge
in mind

The return of Jamie

The return of Sharlene

First Kiss:
Rachel and Carl

Marley is in danger from Lorna's rapist

Who killed
Kyle Barkley?

Carl obsesses
over Rachel

Carl and his
mute friend

Spencer knows Josie's secret

The birth of Charlie

Josie introduces John to her madam

One of the best
music montages

The mystery of
Kate Baker

Rachel and Carl find love on a rooftop

The triangle continues

The Winter Masquerade Ball

Carl has
matrimony in mind

Charlie's health crisis

John comes face-
to-face with Kate

A very romantic ending to a music montage

Miscellaneous Highlights

Vicky catches Matt and Donna in the act

Jake and Amanda, strictly business?

The Grant Harrison shooting gallery

Lorna with fellow rape victim Marley

Rachel takes a swipe at Carl's ponytail

Carl inspires Rachel

First Lovemaking:
Donna and Matthew

The return of Dean

A little flirting for Marley and Ian

Santa Carl visits Alli

Vicky, Ryan and their Christmas trestle

A stroll in New York

Beau and Spencer share Felicia's cheeks

Morgan delivers Cass's baby

A hangover from Josie's L.A. days

In the good old days, they did fun things

Videos contain award show AW bits

Hot AW Commercial

First Kiss:
Morgan and Brett

Intro Scene:
The Harbor Club

Intro Scene:
Amy Carlson (Josie)

Intro Scene:
Diego Serrano (Tomas)

Intro Scene:
Robin Christopher (Lorna)