Another World Video Library

July 1989 - March 1990 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Jamie threatens
Vicky with rape

Sam, the cuckold

First Meeting:
Ken and Rachel


Evan and Sam,
mortal enemies

Iris agrees to marry Lucas

Matthew and Josie

Popcorn rains on Evan and Vicky

Josie's choice: Matt or her modeling

Sam confronts Amanda

Ken and Rachel in the desert

Sam slashes his portrait of Amanda

Miscellaneous Highlights

Frankie vs Nicole,
winner gets Cass

Nicole is dragged to the nut house

Hot AW Commercial:
Who fathered Steven

The mystery of
the Red Swan

Josie gets a sister, Olivia

Hot AW Commercial:

They also used this clip for the opening

Cecile's surprise Hallowe'en visit

Hot AW Commercial:
John and Sharlene's wedding

Cecile's fondest wish...

... is Felicia's worst nightmare

Sam/Evan slugfest

Ghost of Winthrop Past visits Cass

Lucas watches as Michael is shot

First Lovemaking:
Amanda and Evan

The King of Pop visits Another World!

Alternate versions of Cass, Vicky, Frankie

Olivia has a crush
on Sam

Watch your back, Michael

Cass shocks Frankie in his nun's habit

Sam learns of Amanda's affair

Josie finds her father,
Russ Matthews

Intro Scene:
Dack Rambo (Grant)

Sharlene shaves off
John's beard

A snapshot from John and Sharlene's wedding

Lucas and Sharlene, old lovers, reminisce

First Lovemaking:
Jake and Donna

Josie, jealous of Iris, wants Lucas for herself

First Meeting:
Vicky and Paulina