Another World Video Library

April 1985 - November 1985 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Marley finds company
on the road to Lassiter

Donna to "Marley":
"I'm your mother"

Miscellaneous Highlights

Vicky gets her first
glimpse of Marley

Old sailor buddies
cross paths

Vicky's first visit
to the Love mansion

Cass shows Tony
his balls

Perry won't live
to rat on Vicky

Felicia makes a
grand entrance

Le Soleil is unveiled

Can Jake go the distance?

An old love
pines for Felicia

Carl to Donna:
"You're like a big sister
to me, too, Bella."

Carl prepares a special
concoction for Mac

Carl kills Daphne

Mac and Rachel play dress-up