Another World Video Library

December 1998 - May 1999 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

Penult-Penultimate Freeze

Miscellaneous Highlights

Bridget's spirit boosts
Vicky's spirit

Cass's girls

The Final Christmas
was a Vicky Christmas

Alli had the good sense
to stop this wedding

Cass meets Anne

The payoff really
wasn't worth it

A woman needs
her mother

And not just in
times of crisis

The multigenerational
angle was really lacking

The most anticipated
murder in the show's
history deserved better
than this cliche-ridden

Vicky can't resist
sneaking a look at
Cindy's hairdo du jour

Lila meets Anne

Anne enjoys the
February 2, 1994
freeze frame

With no leading man,
Rachel needs Matt
to rescue her

Charlie meets Anne

Matt meets Anne

Final Trial

Cass thought he saw the good old days,
but it was just yet another ill-defined, over-done psycho-femme