Another World Video Library

July 1980 - December 1981 Highlights

Blaine and Cecile bare
their claws over Jamie

It isn't Christmas until
Ada tousles Joey's hair

Mac promises Matthew
he'll be a good father

Russ has a heart-to-heart
with his once-upon-a-son

Vivien treats the Cory
Christmas guests to
her possum stuffing

Liz introduces Jamie
to newcomer
Sandy Alexander

Cecile announces she's
now Mrs. Jamie Frame

Pat and Cecile lock
horns over Brava

Mitch risks the wrath of
the syndicate by saying
"no deal" to Jordan

Marianne fantasizes
about Jamie but
wears Rick's ring

Cecile throws Jamie's
pill-popping (and his
pills) in his face

Pregnant Cecile
snatches Sally's donut

Louise shows her
displeasure of the
soon-to-be new
Mrs. Cory by
spiking her tea

Sally can't keep her hands
off the Brady Boy

... Until Denny
comes to town

Jim has his hands full making sure all the guests have a full
glass of champagne during Rick and Marianne's pre-wedding party

Blaine sacrifices herself to Jordan to save Sandy

Feels like deja vu for Alice