Another World Video Library

April 1993 - July 1993 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Carl has plans for Bay City

Brett and Vicky argue over who gets to browse the AWHP

Vicky and Ryan, those star-crossed lovers

The TV Jakes advise him to check out the AW action online

Miscellaneous Highlights

Hot AW Commercial:
Introducing Julian McMahon (Ian)

The adventures of Steven and Shortstop

Ada's memorial

Those ubiquitous
end credits

Christy cracks

Ryan sends Brett to Heaven and back

A good time is had by all....

...When Cass and Frankie get dragged to the altar

... Literally

Amanda shows Ian the secret of
the Red Swan

The Iris and Donna food fight

Bashing Grant's head against a cement wall. You go, Ryan!

Jake catches Ian and Paulina in the act

Hot AW Commercial:
The Return of Carl

For shame if you don't know what an itchy nose means

First Kiss:
Brett and Matt

Neat FX

Lorna breaks
Kevin's heart

Ryan rejoins the force

Paulina meets her brother Sandy

Intro Scene:
Christine Tucci (Amanda)


This guy is Frank Attardi, Felicia's
real-life hubby

... would be Paulina and Jake's wedding

Carl does his return-from-the-dead schtick

First Lovemaking:
John and Kelsey

Marley and Dennis call it quits

Maggie shows off
her assets

Grant shoots Vicky