Another World Video Library

February 1995 - June 1995 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

Felicia versus Grant.
Felicia: "You are a worm"

Vicky to Jake: "Drop dead!"

Gary and Ryan will have
to rescue cadet Watts

Alli was the only one Justine liked besides Grant

Miscellaneous Highlights

Cass cracks up when Vicky tells him about the baby switch

John, Bailey, and Sharlene before her memory returned

Frankie recruits P.I. Joseph Carlino

AW Blooper:
"You broke Jesus!"

Vicky should have pulled the trigger

Jake and Paulina say goodbye, forever

Paulina cries buckets when she hears Jake was killed

Paulina: "He loved us both, didn't he?"
Vicky: "Like no one else could"

Vicky to Jake's coffin:
"Save me the swing next to yours, buddy"

The Corys get reacquainted with Nancy's old boyfriend

Alli: "We were his best girls, weren't we?"
Paulina: "You bet we were"

Morgan (as Grant's shooter):
"This is for all the women in America"

Carl to Grant:
"Die slowly. Die well"

Mishaps occur during the building of Wallingfords

Josie is accepted into the police academy

The grand opening of Wallingfords

Spencer's nightmare of Justine

Morgan croons to Lorna

Life is a highway for Nick

Justine to Carl:
"Think of it as the first time..."

Square dancing at John and Sharlene's wedding

Felicia and Eddie Carlino:
What might have been

Gary when he used to go to AA meetings

Joe and Paulina come face-to-face

Michael and Donna's reunion took place in a barn