Another World Video Library

September 1979 - July 1980 Highlights

Charley gathers the
Hobsons for an

June will make damn sure
Kirk never slaps her again

Janice can't resist when
Mitch seduces her
into doing away with Mac

Rose and Ada enjoy
BCGH's Christmas cheer

Joey reminds Eileen
of their wedding
vows (AW preview)

Ada doesn't want any
lip from Rachel on
her wedding day

Tracey sings for
her mentor, Jason

Rachel sells her soul to
save Mac from Janice

Pat rolls her eyes
at Jim after a phone
call from Reena

Will Mac believe Willis
knew nothing of
Janice's murder plot?

Mac is putty
in Cecile's hands

If Mitch can't have
Rachel, he'll settle
for her daughter

So many people followed
Russ from Texas they
had to create a sequel

Mitch invites Sally
and Jamie to boogie
in his disco

A Texas lollapalooza
in the end credits

Miranda and Amy wish as many men chased after them as they did after Kit

Russ meets all sorts of interesting people
(and nurses) at the Nurses' Station

You'll actually get to see
Angie's face in these scenes

The First Take-over Attempt of Cory Publishing
Reaches an Exciting Climax

Brian forces Iris
to make a shocking choice

Jeff and Kirk aren't happy when they lose

Brian celebrates the victory
with Pat, Liz, and Jim

Willis seeks forgiveness after
voting against Mac

Some of the Exciting Things That Happened
After Jeff Was Revealed as Kirk's Killer