Josie and Ian became close when she started working for him at the Harbor Club. Ian came to her rescue several times when Josie's madam, Bonnie Broderick, attempted to make her continue her work for Bonnie. The first kiss they shared was a thank-you kiss Josie bestowed on Ian for his help.

Freeze FrameIan started to fall for Josie and sought to make inroads with her. But Josie was still too upset over her recent involvement with prostitution to jump into a relationship with any man. After he helped her through an AIDS scare, Josie opened her heart to Ian and they became an item.

Josie's cousin Evan Frame tried to cause trouble between them because he felt Ian wasn't good enough for her. This caused some friction all around, but the real stumbling block came when Josie decided she wanted to join the police academy and train to be an officer of the law. Ian couldn't handle the thought that she would be in constant danger. In desperation he blurted out a proposal, but Josie didn't have marriage in her plans. Unable to accept the new Josie, Ian said good-bye to her, and Bay City, and left to work in Australia.

Several months later Josie heard from Ian that he was engaged to marry someone he had met at the institute where he worked.