Freeze FrameParents
Josie is very close with her mother, Sharlene Frame, though they often have mother/daughter disagreements. Josie was horrified to learn of her mother's past as a prostitute in 1989, and viciously turned against her for her supposed hypocrisy. The mistaken belief that her father must be one of Sharlene's johns made Josie flee Bay City for a time.

Josie was devastated when her mother died in 1991, although we only learned of Josie's feelings when she returned to Bay City at the close of 1993. She was ecstatic to learn her mother was still alive, though buried beneath the Kate Baker personality. She and her mother enjoyed a tear-filled reunion when Sharlene re-emerged.

First Meeting: Josie and RussJosie didn't discover who her father was until 1989, when her mother told her that her second husband, Russ Matthews, was her father. Russ was in Bay City for six months that year, and he and Josie got to know each other a little bit, though they are still mostly strangers. Previously, Sharlene had told Josie that her father was a man she had had a brief affair with named Lenny Bolger. Sharlene gave Josie the last name "Watts" because she wanted her to have the same last name as herself.

Gregory Hudson is Josie's half-brother. They are close, but their age difference doesn't allow for much of a relationship.

Josie has a half-sister on her father's side, Olivia Matthews. During Olivia's stay in Bay City from 1989 to 1992, they got to know and like each other.

Other Relatives
Henry Frame (RIP), maternal grandfather. Jenny Frame (RIP), maternal grandfather. Mary Matthews (RIP), paternal grandmother. Jim Matthews (RIP), paternal grandfather. Pat Randolph, aunt. Steve Frame (RIP), uncle. Willis Frame, uncle. Alice Matthews Frame, aunt. Vince Frame, uncle. Jason Frame (RIP), uncle. Janice Frame (RIP), aunt. Henry Frame, uncle. Emma Frame Ordway, aunt. Norman Frame, uncle. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, half-niece. Michael Randolph, cousin. Marianne Randolph, cousin. Molly Ordway, cousin. Frankie Frame (RIP), cousin. Wade Ordway, cousin. Sterling Ordway, cousin. Jamie Frame, cousin. Evan Frame, cousin. Dean Frame, cousin. Will Matthews (RIP), great-uncle. Janet Matthews, great-aunt. Steven Frame, second cousin. Charlie Frame Winthrop, second cousin.