Quinn Harding

Quinn Harding, Abel Marsh, Roy Bingham, and Gil Fenton

Quinn Harding, Bob Morgan, and Larry Ewing

Rachel Cory

Rachel Cory and Ada Hobson

Rachel Cory and Alice Matthews Frame

Rachel and Amanda Cory

Rachel, Amanda, and Paulina Cory

Rachel Cory, Donna Love, and Felicia Gallant

Rachel Cory and Felicia Gallant

Rachel Cory, Felicia Gallant, and Cass Winthrop

Rachel Cory and Iris Wheeler

Rachel Cory, Jamie Frame, and Julia Shearer

Rachel Cory and Justine Duvalier

Rachel Cory and Liz Matthews

Rachel Cory, Quinn Harding, and Roberta Flack

Rachel Cory and Vicky Hudson

Rachel Cory, Vivien Gorrow, and Matthew Cory

Rafael Santiero

Rafael Santiero and Maggie Cory

Randolph Family: Michael, John, Pat, and Marianne

Ray Gordon

Ray Gordon and Alice Matthews Frame

Reena Bellman Cook

Reginald Love

Reginald Love and Mary McKinnon

Reginald and Peter Love

Remy Woods

Remy Woods and Alli Fowler

Remy Woods and Lila Roberts

Remy Woods and Tito Banacek

Reuben Lawrence

Reuben Marino

Rick Halloway and Marianne Randolph

R.J. Morgan

Robert Delaney

Robert Delaney and Janice Frame

Robert Delaney and Lenore Moore

Robert Delaney and Rachel Cory

Ronnie Lawrence

Roy Barry

Roy Bingham, Henrietta Morgan, Quinn Harding, and Gil Fenton

Russ Matthews

Russ Matthews and Alice Matthew Frame

Russ Matthews and Iris Wheeler

Russ and Olivia Matthews

Russ Matthews and Rachel Cory

Russ Matthews, Rachel Cory, and Mary Matthews

Russ Matthews and Tracy DeWitt

Ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison and Carl Hutchins

Ryan, Grant, and Spencer Harrison

Ryan, Grant, and Spencer Harrison with Dennis Wheeler and Jamie Frame

Ryan, Grant, and Spencer Harrison with Jamie Frame

Ryan and Spencer Harrison

Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson

Ryan Harrison, Vicky Hudson, and Grant Harrison

Ryan Harrison, Vicky Hudson, and Jamie Frame

Ryan Harrison, Vicky Hudson, Kirkland Harrison, and Steven Frame