Jake McKinnon

Jake McKinnon and Amanda Cory

Jake McKinnon and Chris Madison

Jake McKinnon, Cindy Brooke, and Joe Carlino

Jake McKinnon, Dean Frame, and Ryan Harrison

Jake McKinnon and Donna Love

Jake McKinnon and Felicia Gallant

Jake McKinnon and Grant Harrison

Jake McKinnon and Iris Wheeler

Jake McKinnon and Joe Carlino

Jake McKinnon and Lila Roberts

Jake McKinnon and Marley Hudson

Jake McKinnon, Marley Hudson, and Vicky Hudson

Jake McKinnon, Marley Hudson, and Remy Woods

Jake McKinnon, Nancy McGowan, and Marley Hudson

Jake McKinnon and Paulina Cory Carlino

Jake McKinnon, Paulina Cory Carlino, and Kathleen McKinnon

Jake McKinnon, Shane Roberts, and Vicky Hudson

Jake McKinnon and Steven Frame

Jake McKinnon and Vicky Hudson

Jake McKinnon, Vicky Hudson, and Marley Hudson

Jake McKinnon, Vicky Hudson, and Shane Roberts

Jake McKinnon, Vicky Hudson, Steven Frame, and Kirkland Harrison

Jamie Frame

Jamie Frame and Amanda Cory

Jamie Frame and Dennis Wheeler

Jamie Frame and Lisa Grady

Jamie Frame, Lisa Grady, and Vicky Hudson

Jamie Frame and Marianne Randolph

Jamie Frame and Marley Hudson

Jamie Frame and Sandy Cory

Jamie Frame, Susan Matthews Shearer, and Julia Shearer

Jamie Frame and Vicky Hudson

Janet Matthews and Katherine Corning

Janet Matthews and Ken Baxter

Janice Frame

Jasmine Cory, Amanda Cory, Cameron Sinclair, and Lila Roberts

Jasmine Cory, Amanda Cory, Cameron Sinclair, Lila Roberts, and Matthew Cory

Jason Dunlap

Jason Frame

Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone (Dan Hamilton with son Josh)

Jenna Norris

Jerry Grove and Blaine Ewing

Jerry Grove and Cecile DePoulignac

Jessica Buchanan (Somerset)

Jill Grant Farmer (Somerset)

Jill Grant Farmer and David Grant (Somerset)

Jim Matthews

Jim Matthews and Alice Matthews Frame

Jim Matthews and Beatrice Gordon

Jim and Mary Matthews

Jim, Mary, and Liz Matthews

Jim Matthews, Mary Matthews, and Missy Palmer

Jim, Mary, and Russ Matthews

Joe Carlino

Joe Carlino and Paulina Cory Carlino

Joe Carlino, Tito Banacek, and Paulina Cory Carlino

Joey Perrini

Joey Perrini and Eileen Simpson

Joey Perrini and Kit Halloway

John Hudson

John Hudson and Donna Love

John Hudson and Felicia Gallant

John Hudson and Sharlene Frame

John Hudson, Sharlene Frame, and Josie Watts

John Randolph

John Randolph and Iris Wheeler

John and Pat Randolph

John Randolph, Pat Randolph, and Alice Matthews Frame

John, Pat, and Lee Randolph

John, Pat, Michael, and Marianne Randolph

John Randolph and Peggy Harris Nolan

Jordan Stark

Jordan Stark and Amanda Cory

Jordan Stark and Zak Wilder

Josie Watts

Josie Watts, Billy Porter, and other singers

Josie Watts, Cindy Brooke, Toni Burrell, Sofia Carlino, and Etta Mae Burrell

Josie Watts, Gregory Hudson, Grant Hudson, and Dana Kramer

Josie Watts and Toni Burrell

Julia Shearer

Justine Duvalier

Karen Campbell

Katherine Corning

Kathleen McKinnon

Kathleen McKinnon, Dennis Wheeler, and Ryan Harrison

Kathleen McKinnon and Frankie Frame

Kathleen McKinnon, Jenna Norris, and Lucas

Kathleen and M.J. McKinnon

Charles Keating (In Disguise)

Ken Jordan and Rachel Cory

Ken Palmer

Ken Palmer and Mac Cory

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson and Iris Wheeler

Kevin Cook

Kevin Thatcher

Kirkland Harrison

Kirkland Harrison and Cindy Brooke

Kit Halloway

Krystal Lake

Lahoma Vane Lucas

Larry Ewing

Larry Ewing and Bob Morgan

Larry and Clarice Ewing

Laura Baxter

Leah Laiman (Head Writer)

Lee Randolph

Lee Randolph and Dr. Joe Bernardi

Lee Randolph and Peggy Harris Nolan

Leigh Hobson

Lenore Moore

Lenore and Helen Moore

Lenore Moore, Helen Moore, and Pat Randolph

Lenore Moore, Jim Matthews, Beatrice Gordon, Russ Matthews, and wife Lois Bailey

Lenore Moore and Rachel Cory

Leonard Brooks and Louise Goddard Brooks

Lila Roberts

Lila Roberts, Cindy Brooke, and Josie Watts

Lila Roberts and Sofia Carlino

Lily Mason

Linda Metcalf

Lisa Grady

Liz Matthews

Liz Matthews and Dr. Kurt Landis

Liz Matthews and Leueen Parrish

Liz Matthews and Marianne Randolph

Lorna Devon

Lorna Devon and Dennis Wheeler

Louis St. George and Reuben Marino

Louise Goddard Brooks


Lucas and Donna Love

Lucas and Felicia Gallant

Lucas, Felicia Gallant, and Lorna Devon

Lucas, Felicia Gallant, Lorna Devon, and Jenna Norris

Lucas, Felicia Gallant, Rachel Cory, and Marley Hudson

Lucas and Jenna Norris

Lucas and Matthew Cory


Lyle Hill (Executive Producer)