Danny Fargo and Missy Palmer

Dave Gilchrist

Dave Gilchrist and Rachel Cory

David Halliday and Amanda Cory

Dean Frame

Dean Frame and Jenna Norris

Dean Frame, Jenna Norris, and Jamie Frame

Dee Evans

Dennis Wheeler

Dennis Wheeler, Liz Matthews, and Jamie Frame

Dennis Wheeler and Marianne Randolph

Dennis Wheeler, Marianne Randolph, and Molly Ordway Randolph

Dennis Wheeler and Marley Hudson

Dennis Wheeler and Molly Ordway Randolph

Denny Hobson

Denny Hobson and Sally Frame

Derek Dane and Stacey Winthrop

Diana Frame

Donna Love

Donna Love, Felicia Gallant, and Rachel Cory

Donna Love, Judy Burrell, and Yoshi Ito

Donna Love and Marley Hudson

Donna and Nicole Love


Ed Harding and Captain Hancock

Ed and Quinn Harding

Edward Gerard and Felicia Gallant

Elena DePoulignac

Elena DePoulignac and Rachel Cory

Eliot Carrington and Alice Matthews Frame

Eliot Carrington, Iris Wheeler, and Russ Matthews

Ellen Grant

Emily Maddux

Emma Frame and Iris Wheeler (Beverlee McKinsey)

Emmy Awards

Ernest Gregory

Ernie Downs and Ada Hobson

Etta Mae Burrell

Etta Mae Burrell, Lila Roberts, Amanda Cory, Vicky Hudson, and Toni Burrell

Etta Mae Burrell, Lila Roberts, Paulina Cory Carlino, Amanda Cory, Vicky Hudson, and Toni Burrell

Evan Frame

Evan Frame and Lisa Grady

Evan Frame and Vicky Hudson

Evan Webster

Felicia Gallant

Felicia Gallant and Donna Love

Felicia Gallant, Donna Love, and Kevin Anderson

Felicia Gallant, Donna Love, and Vicky Hudson

Felicia Gallant and Jenna Norris

Felicia Gallant and Liberace

Felicia Gallant, Liberace, and Wallingford

Felicia Gallant and Lisa Grady

Felicia Gallant and Lorna Devon

Felicia Gallant, Lucas, and Donna Love

Felicia Gallant and Wallingford

Frankie Frame

Frankie Frame, Brett Gardner, Jenna Norris, Rachel Cory, Felicia Gallant, and Kelsey Harrison

Gabe McNamara

Gabe McNamara and Lorna Devon

Gary Sinclair

Gary and Cameron Sinclair

Gary Sinclair and Cindy Brooke

Gary Sinclair and Josie Watts

Gary Sinclair, Josie Watts, Frankie Frame, Cass Winthrop, Sofia Carlino, and Tomas Rivera

Gary Sinclair, Josie Watts, Grant Harrison, and Frankie Frame

Gary Sinclair, Sofia Carlino, Chris Madison, and Josie Watts

Gil Fenton

Gil McGowan

Gil McGowan and Ada Hobson

Ginger Kurtz Cooper (Somerset)

Glenda Toland with Marianne, Pat, and Michael Randolph

Glenda Toland, Michael Randolph, Darryl Stevens, and Marianne Randolph

Grant Harrison

Grant Harrison and Cindy Brooke

Grant Harrison and Gary Sinclair

Grant Harrison and Iris Wheeler

Grant Harrison and Joan Rivers

Grant and Kirkland Harrison

Grant Harrison and Lorna Devon

Grant Harrison and Marley Hudson

Grant Harrison and Paulina Cory Carlino

Grant Harrison, Paulina Cory Carlino, and Vicky Hudson

Grant and Spencer Harrison

Grant Harrison and Vicky Hudson

Grant Harrison, Vicky Hudson, and Ryan Harrison

Grant Todd and Lily Mason

Greg Barnard and Pat Randolph

Greg Mercer (Somerset)

Hal Keefer, Lee Randolph, Alice Matthews Frame, and Tony Douglas

Hank Kent, Iris Wheeler, and Donna Love

Hannah Moore

Harding Lemay (Head Writer)

Helen Moore, Lenore Moore, and Jamie Frame

Henrietta Morgan

Ian Rain

Ian Rain and Iris Wheeler

Ian Rain and Josie Watts

Ian Rain and Paulina Cory Carlino

Ian Rain, Paulina Cory Carlino, and Jake McKinnon

India Delaney (Somerset)

Ira Cirker (Director) and Mac Cory

Iris Wheeler

Iris Wheeler, Amanda Cory, and Donna Love

Iris and Dennis Wheeler

Iris Wheeler, Donna Love, Matthew Cory, and Maggie Cory

Iris Wheeler and Rachel Cory