John Hutton as PeterChristopher Holder as PeterMarcus Smythe as Peter


First Appearance: December 8, 1982
Last Appearance: November 20, 1987
Portrayers: John Hutton, December 8, 1982 - November 29, 1984.
Christopher Holder, January 9, 1985 - December 18, 1985.
Marcus Smythe, December 24, 1985 - November 20, 1987.
Departure: Left because he had disgraced himself with his family.
Introduction Scenes: (John Hutton) To Cass Winthrop about Cory Publishing business, "Yes. I'd like you to take a look at these, too."
(Christopher Holder) The Love Mansion to Marley Hudson about the secret cellar room, "How do you feel about it?"
(Marcus Smythe) The Love Mansion, to Donna Love, "Donna...What's the matter?"
Exit Scenes: (John Hutton) In the hospital with Mark Singleton (RIP) about Emily Benson (RIP), "I could kick myself for being so stupid and gullible."
(Marcus Smythe) At TOPS standing up to Reginald Love (RIP), "Just add it to my tab."
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Last Known Whereabouts: New York City, New York.
Relatives: Elizabeth Love (RIP), mother. Reginald Love (RIP), father. Donna Love, sister. Nicole Love, sister. Marley Hudson, niece. Vicky Hudson, niece. Steven Frame, great-nephew. Kirkland Harrison, great-nephew.
Spouses: Brittany Peterson (married on March 3, 1986. Divorced in December 1986).
Lovers: Sally Frame (RIP) (fiance) (1983), Cecile DePoulignac (fiance) (1983-1984), and Peggy Lazarus (1986-1987).
Medical History: Poisoned by Cecile DePoulignac (1984). Shot by Brittany Peterson (1986), spleen removed during operation.
Legal History: Suspected of being the Sin Stalker (1986-1987).
Occupation: Attorney.
Former Occupations: Attorney for Cory Publishing.