First Appearance: May 24, 1976
Last Appearance: March 13, 1979
Portrayer: Jennifer Leak, May 24, 1976 - March 13, 1979.
Arrival: Brought by Willis Frame to break up Alice Matthews Frame and Ray Gordon.
Departure: Institutionalized.
Introduction Scene: Over the phone to Beatrice Gordon, "Beatrice?"
Exit Scene: To Tom Albini at Alice Matthews Frame's cottage, "What?"
Other Aliases: Olive Springer (maiden name).
Last Known Whereabouts: An insane asylum upstate.
Other Whereabouts: California.
Relatives: Henry Gordon, son. Curtis Gordon, son. Doris Bennett, sister.
Spouses: Raymond Gordon (married in the 1960s. Divorced in March 1977).
John Randolph (RIP) (married on March 25, 1977. Divorced in June 1978).
Lovers: Evan Webster (RIP) (1977), Brian Bancroft (1978), and Dan Shearer (1978).
Legal History: Stalked Alice Matthews Frame. Threw acid in Eileen Simpson's (RIP) face. Burned down a cottage, causing the death of John Randolph (RIP).