First Appearance: April 4, 1978
Last Appearance: November 9, 1981
Portrayer: Ray Liotta, April 4, 1978 - November 9, 1981.
Departure: Eloped with Kit Halloway.
Introduction Scene: To Angie Perrini in the family living room, "Hey, Angie, have you seen my calculus textbook?"
Exit Scene: To Kit Halloway in their apartment, "Maybe we should just get married in the living room."
Other Aliases: Joseph Anthony Perrini (full name).
Relatives: Rose Perrini, mother. Tony Perrini (RIP), father. Angie Perrini, sister. Sal, uncle.
Spouses: Eileen Simpson (married on November 21, 1979. Dissolved in December 1979).
Kit Halloway (married on April 21-22, 1980. Annulled on October 22, 1980).
Lovers: Sally Frame.
Dates: Blaine Ewing Cory (1981).
Flirtations: Amy Dudley (1980) and Miranda Bishop (1980).
Medical History: Had a beard in 1980.
Former Occupations: Assistant at Charlie Hobson's Fix-It Shop. Construction worker for Frame Construction. Dealer at The Arena.