First Appearance: October 14, 1976
Last Appearance: May 26, 1989
Portrayer: Dorothy Lyman, October 14, 1976 - September 25, 1980; May 19-26, 1989.
With Willis Departure: Moved to Australia to be with Willis Frame.
Introduction Scene: To Charley Beckwith at Mac Cory's (RIP) New York townhouse, "Hi, Charley... Am I early?"
Exit Scene: To Mac Cory (RIP) in the Cory Mansion living room about Rachel Cory, "Why did she shoot Mitch Blake?"
Birthday: 1946 or 1947.
Birthplace: Long Island (possibly).
Other Aliases: Gwendolen Parrish (full and maiden name).
Other Whereabouts: Melbourne, Australia.
Relatives: Leueen Parrish, mother. Hadley Parrish, father.
Spouses: Willis Frame (married on August 2, 1978).
Lovers: Mac Cory (1976) and Russ Matthews (1977-1978).
Dates: Brian Bancroft (1977) and Dave Gilchrist (1977).
Flirtations: Taylor Halloway (1980).
Medical History: Bouts of emotional instability (referenced in the 1970s and demonstrated briefly in 1989).
Occupation: Architect.