First Appearance: December 23, 1986 (voice only on December 11, 1986)
Last Appearance: March 16, 1988
Portrayer: Richard Burgi, December 23, 1986 - March 16, 1988.
Departure: Went to Venice, Italy to be with his sister Dawn Rollo before she died.
Introduction Scenes: (December 11) Over the phone at Mary's Place to M.J. McKinnon, "Hey...I'm part of your life baby. We oughta get together. What do you say?"
(December 23) To M.J. McKinnon in his apartment, "You're still so beautiful M.J."
Exit Scene: Mary's Place, to Vince and Mary McKinnon, "Thanks you all."
Relatives: Joan Rollo (RIP), mother. Dawn Rollo (RIP), sister.
Lovers: M.J. McKinnon (early 1980s).
Dates: Sara Montaigne (1987).
Flirtations: Cheryl McKinnon (1987-1988).
Occupation: Entertainers' manager.
Former Occupations: Pimp. Talent coordinator at TOPS.